The Gnome Mobile 1967

The Gnome Mobile  1967

This is a Walt Disney film so was always going to have a fairly predictable happy ending. D.J. Mulrooney a lumbar magnate owns large amounts of forest in which he and his grandchildren go picnicking. The granddaughter meets Jasper the gnome who has a problem. Jasper’s grandfather Knobby is fading away (dying) because he believes that they are the last two gnomes in the world so Jasper will never find a wife. The family agrees to help them to find other gnomes so they all get into the Rolls Royce (re-named the gnome mobile) to look for some female gnomes. An evil freak show proprietor kidnaps the gnomes so Mulrooney calls his office to get his security people to help. His associate, however, convinces him to visit a local detective who turns out to be a psychiatrist who locks him up for all this talk about gnomes. The grandchildren rescue Mulrooney. the three of them rescue the gnomes and to no ones great surprise they find a wife for Jasper.

I know it is dated and corny but I liked this film. The gnome-mobile song is quite catchy and we sometimes sing it when out hunting for gnomes. In some ways the film is somewhat ahead of its time with Grandpa gnome knobby against logging on ecological grounds. The gnomish husband selection process was great fun and I would recommend the film for kids young and old.