Down the bright stream – B.B.

Down the bright stream   -  B.B.

The sequel to The Little Grey Men by B.B. When the folly is dammed the brothers decide that England is getting too full of humans for them and decide to try and get to Ireland. Baldmoney thinks he can make a glider but does not tell the others in case they poo poo the idea. They set off down the river in the Jeanie Deans. Dodder lets squirrel help the boat for a while. Cloudberry talks squirrel into letting him take the wheel and steers it into the weir. Dodder comes back up (by which time squirrel has taken back the wheel) but it is too late and the boat goes over the weir and sinks. Seperated in the shipwreck they are all reunited at otters house at rambling mill. Cloudberry is afraid that dodder and the others will find out from squirrel that he caused the wreck and decides to poison his brothers and the squirrel rather than risk the secret getting out. He goes into the forest to get some poisonous fungi and is killed by an adder. With the help of the otter and his family they gnomes raise the Jeanie Deans and dry her out and eventually continue on their trip without cloudberry. They come to another weir and anchor the boat whilst they work out what to do. IT is not possible to carry the boat so they decide to batten down the hatches and let the boat go over the weir and try to rescue it at the other side. Unfortunately the boat is holed and sinks once more, this time for good. Baldmoney and Ben the owl get to work on the glider. Eventually it is finished and they set off with the owl towing them. A fog descends and they can not see where they are going, the owl is exhausted and dodder dozes off and a spark from his pipe sets fire to the glider and they have to parachute to safety but with only yards to spare they make it to Ireland where presumably they still are.

Anyone interested in this book will also like The Little Grey Men and if you find yourself anywhere near Northamptonshire possibly The Little Grey Man Trail