I have already mentioned the two most notable gnome songs, the laughing gnome by David Bowie, a song riddled with puns about Bowie meeting a gnome and bringing home  and The Pink Floyd’s song Gnome. It is hard to say what this song is about (other than a gnome called Grimble Crumble). It seems more than likely, however, that Syd Barrett wrote the song whilst under the influence of LSD. Both these songs are no doubt available on spottily, iTunes and YouTube and I am not going to put them on this site since I am sure they have better lawyers than me. What I can do is post a Song sung by a friend of mine because when I worked out in Poland I helped write and record it and I know he is not going to sue me. I think I will probably write another one and sing it myself and if any readers have any original songs about gnomes that they would be prepared to let me post here I would be more than happy to oblige.

Gnome in my Garden sung by Piotr Mech