Gnome Alone 2018 PG

Gnome Alone  2018  PG

A young girl and her mother move into a creepy looking old house. The mother is working all hours leaving the girl mostly to her own devices. One of the first things she finds in the house are ‘tiny Santas’ who move whenever no one is looking. She stumbles into their headquarters and finds a green gem which she lends to a girl at school. It turns out that for reasons that rather escaped me this gem was crucial to the gnomes in their ongoing battle against the permanently hungry Troggs  (small purple creatures, not to be confused with the ‘60s rock band who’s single Wild Thing made number two in the UK singles charts). Chloë (the girl) and her somewhat geeky neighbour Liam join forces with the gnomes and save the world.

This was not a great film. The animation was uninspired, the gnomes were not particularly well modelled and the plot had more holes in it than a Swiss cheese.