Gnomeo and Juliet 2011 U

Gnomeo and Juliet   2011   U

Two feuding neighbours have gardens full of gnomes. The gnomes (who can be distinguished by their blue or red hats and come alive whenever no one is looking) are also feuding. After the red team cheated in a lawnmower race, destroying Gnomeo’s lawnmower, Gnomeo and his friend Benny put on black makeup and cover their hats and creep into the red’s garden to get revenge by spraying the well in the red garden. The alarm is raised, the security lights come on and Gnomeo flees into another garden where he encounters Juliette, similarly disguised as she was trying to make off with an orchid from the garden and the two fall in love. Almost everyone  is against them but with the help of a ridiculous pink flamingo called Featherstone love eventually conquers all and the two warring factions (including the humans) eventually learn to get along. Gnomeo and Juliet are married and live happily ever after garden gnomes start disappearing all over London and Sherlock Gnomes is called but that is a different film altogether.

I rather liked this film (and think I would have liked it even more if I had seen it in 3D). The music from Elton John was great and included crocodile rock and Saturday nights all right for fighting, The plot was pretty good (hardly surprising since it was based on one by Shakespeare) there was some good action and a few amusing moments although I would question the film’s claim to be a comedy.