Devon Railway Centre

It is by no means the biggest but in my view the finest gnomery I have seen so far is that of the Devon Railway Centre called Magic Wood. The obvious and best way to see them is on the smaller of the two trains but since you get a ticket to ride the bigger train as well included in the eight quid entry fee it would be silly not to.

Devon Railway CentreVirtually none of the gnomes are just standing about with no purpose. Many are spectators for the band playing or the race, a tennis match or hurdle race. At least a dozen are competing in the gnational gnome fishing competition, one is climbing a tree, several are presumably trying to divine the weather standing as they are on a stump next to the Gmet Office whilst one is forecasting the weather using a stone.  Others are working at or visiting Gnomvent Garden or Gnome Farm or playing in the Royal Symphognomic Orchestra. Two, with their friends and relations watching on, are getting married in the church whilst a few more are visiting Magic Wood’s latest attraction Gnome Henge.