Gnomes – Huygen & Poortvliet

Gnomes - Huygen & Poortvliet

This is THE book about gnomes. Written by Wil Huygen with superb illustrations by Rien Poortvliet the book is in a sort of study of all aspects of gnomes. It explains the six types of gnomes (Woodland, Dune, Garden, Farm, House and Siberian), The Siberian gnome is the least nice types of gnome. The book goes into gnome biology and physiology, medicine, geographical distribution, courtship and mating, house building, diet, skills, tools and a brief section on language that does not go much further than ‘thank you’ (te diews) and ‘goodnight’ (slitzweitz). The book ends up with half a dozen legends about gnomes and a final chapter called why gnomes shake their heads, which is in disappointment about how some humans are ruining the planet.

It was the first and best book of its kind and has spawned many imitators as well as the (terrible) David the Gnome cartoon series (most, if not all, of which you can watch on YouTube if you are so inclined).