The Gnome – Joel Jessup

The Gnome  -  Joel Jessup

The Gnome    small, fat and fabulous to give it its full title.

This is another small (just over six inch square) book that can be read in half an hour. It is a collection of (quite good) photos with pithy, and occasionally amusing, notes. For some reason the Author seems to think that gnomes are vegetarians and he makes much of the number of fishing gnomes.

I did like the bit under gnome farming where is says that ‘Sometimes gnomes will hitch a passing cat to a plough, although that tends to create a rather erratic path over fences and up onto roofs’. You can just picture it cant you? All in all though the jokes are a bit too few and far between and there is not really enough content in the book for me to wholeheartedly recommend it.