A Gnome named Gnorm 1990 PG

A Gnome named Gnorm  1990 PG

This film was originally called A Gnome named Gnorm but was renamed in some countries to Upworld (which is how the ‘gnomes’, who live deep underground, refer to the surface.  The plot is that a member of the LAPD is investigating a murder and finds a stone in a bag up a tree. This stone belongs to a gnome named Gnorm. well it does not belong to him really, it is the property of all gnomes who live underground but he stole it to recharge it in the sun. This job that should have been done by a warrior but Gnorm, a tunneller, did it to impress a lady gnome. Gnorm, it seems, witnessed one of the murders (by exploding briefcase). The policeman (Casey) takes the stone, known as the lumin, home so the gnome follows him. The stone is stolen and so the gnome and policeman team up to recover the lumin and arrest the villains. It eventually transpires that the arch villain was the police chief Stan Walton, who gets arrested, Casey gets together with his partner Sam and presumably Gnorm the gnome gets the gnome girl.

Apart from the fact that the so called Gnome looks nothing like a Gnome (if anything I would say he looked far more like a kobold) it was not a bad film at all. There was an amusing car chase when Casey has his tyres let down and the villain was getting away and he commandeers the first vehicle that comes along to give chase, not noticing that it was a hearse, complete with funeral procession. The music was adequate, the special effects were good, all in all it was a bit better than I thought it was going to be.