In 2017 there were reports of a very strange Easter egg in the game Fortnite, Battle Royal by Epic Games. Very occasionally when building walls a gnome would appear amongst the bricks. There was nothing you could do with this gnome and it was of no benefit, it was just there. As often as not in Fortnite these bizarre Easter eggs turn out to be a clue to something that will be added later to the game.

FortniteThese gnomes did indeed foreshadow the gnome challenges. In season three there was a number (nineteen?) of gnomes of which you had to find seven. These gnomes were hidden away in various places but when you got close to one you could hear it giggling. This was not an easy challenge. For a start there were generally other people shooting at you and if someone else snaffled the gnome you were after then that was it, the gnome was gone.

A similar challenge happened in season four, the hungry gnome challenge. It was called this because the gnomes were always found somewhere near food (in kitchens, burger bars, petrol stations etc.) They make a different noise this time, saying ‘yummy yummy yummy.’

In both challenges finding seven gnomes gave the player five battle stars which upgrade your battle pass which in turn unlocks various in-game goodies that you would otherwise have to pay for with proper money.