Sherlock Gnomes 2018 PG

Sherlock Gnomes  2018  PG

All across London gnomes have been disappearing and Sherlock Gnomes, the world’s greatest detective, is flummoxed since the obvious candidate, his arch-nemesis Moriarty is dead. Having moved to a new garden in London Gnomeo decides to get a rare ‘cupid’s arrow’ orchid for Juliet. He tries to steal one from a local flower shop but sets off the burglar alarm and Juliet (who has been watching the proceedings through Benny’s camera) rushes to rescue him.  When they return home all the other gnomes (as well as Nanette the frog, who has fallen in love with Gnomeo’s friend Benny) have disappeared. Trying to find them Gnomeo and Juliet run into Sherlock Gnomes and his sidekick Watson and the two pairs team up to solve the mystery. A clue from a Chinese antique shop leads them to the natural history museum. Sherlock and Juliet get separated from Gnomeo and Watson who are chased by a gargoyle, Gnomeo is captured reunited with the missing gnomes and Watson apparently falls to his death. Sherlock and Juliette follow several more clues which lead them to the tower of London where they discover that Watson was not dead at all but was the villain from the outset, or so Watson thought but the gargoyle turned out not to be working for Watson at all but (to no one’s great surprise) Moriarty, who was not dead after all. Gnomeo escapes, Juliette brokers a reconciliation between Sherlock and Watson and the evil plot to crush all the gnomes under Tower Bridge is foiled. Moriarty is washed down the Thames and the Gnomes return home the orchid is placed in the middle of the garden and everyone lives happily ever after until the third film in the franchise is made.

It was not a bad film, just not as good as its predecessor. The soundtrack was pretty much reused from Gnomeo and Juliet but the film definitely had its moments.