Gnome facts

Biggest collection of gnomes
According to the Guinness book of records the largest collection of garden gnomes is at of the gnome reserve in West Putford in North Devon started by Ann Atkin which has something over two thousand gnomes. The genuinely largest collection of gnomes in the world, however, belongs to Austrian pensioner Helga Eidenhammer who built her collection over a period of twenty five years. Last count it was approaching four and a half thousand.

Largest gnome
The Guinness world record (and this one is accurate as far as I know) for the largest garden gnome is held by Ron Hale from Canada. Built from scrap metal and junk the 25 foot 11 inch gnome, known as Howard, can be found in a petrol station in British Columbia, Canada. The world’s largest concrete gnome is known as Elwood. He is 15 foot tall and lives in the gardens of Iowa State University.

Sgt. Peppers gnome
Not that many people have noticed even one gnome on the cover of The Beatles Sgt. Peppers album, much less two. That did not stop one of the small cardboard cutouts, which was signed by all four Beatles. from selling for £29,000 In June 2018. The gnome in question is easily missed, it is next to George Harrison (in red)’s left leg just under where his coat sticks out. There is a second (and in my view better) gnome on the iconic album cover, just to the left of the B in the (flower) Beatles on the bottom left.