Gnome Reserve

Gnome ReserveThe gnome reserve has unarguably the largest collection of gnomes in the country. When we arrived we were greeted by the founder Anne Atkin who was doing some painting at the reception desk. Having paid the (very reasonable) entry fee we were issued with stickers and sent into the next room to select our gnome hats. There was a small museum there displaying some rarer gnomes but unfortunately nothing much to say what they were. Out in the gnomery proper there were a few nice arrangements there, particularly the GNASA space program and a couple of gnome orchestras and the Putford scramble  but generally they were just bunched together. Great if all you are interested in is about of gnomes per square foot but nowhere near as imaginative as the Devon Rail Centre’s collection. In terms of gnomes you can see pretty much all there is to see in half an hour so although pixies are not really our thing we went on the pixie garden where there were a few ex-pat gnomes had taken up residence. The gnome toilet roll holders in the ‘gentleman’s powder room’ were a nice touch.