Miscellaneous (links)

Gnome Homestay This is the site associated with the book (which you can download and listen to for free as a podcast) ‘The Gnome and Mrs. Meyers’. There are various pictures by the author as well as a mailing list signing up for which makes you a certified member of the gnome nation.

Along the Way with Whad’ya Gnome An American site concerning a chap called David Bert and his trips in the Las Vegas area with his gnome. Unfortunately I could not get the audio to work but the photos are worth a look.

The Drunk Gnome. A really impressive gnome blog, the best I have found so far and the associated Facebook page is excellent as well

Noggin the gnome Noggin is a gnome from the Warwickshire village of  Long Itchington who was instrumental in restoring the village pond.

Gnomeworld.net This is a small site with some pictures of some scary (and some not-so-scary) gnomes.

The Institute of Gnomology is a website that goes with the book The Field Guide to Gnomes by Armand Foster, possibly useful if you want to contact the author or look at some of his pictures.