Gnomes of the Silver Screen – David Watts

Gnomes of the Silver Screen  -  David Watts

Another small (six inch square) that can be read in ten minutes this is a book of photo-shopped (or re-drawn) movie posters, altered to have gnomes in them.The film name will be changed to something like ‘Gnome with the wind’, or ‘Reservoir Gnomes’. The American Beauty poster used for the cover was simply renamed American Gnomey. How weak is that? They did not even use the obvious possibilities of Gnome Alone, Gnoman Holiday or Toadstool Recall which can be found in Joel Jessup’s marginally better book The Gnome.   When (as is often the case) they could find no way to shoehorn the word gnome into the title then the most tenuous of gnome related re-titling will do such as ‘Dirty Hairy’ or ‘Justin Flowers’.