The Field Guide to Gnomes – Armand Foster

The Field Guide to Gnomes  -  Armand Foster

One of the better followers of Wil Huygen’s book written from the point of a gnomeologist that claims to have spend many years studying gnomes in the wild with frequent references to Herr Professor Doktor Dnamra Restof, Director of the Institute of Gnomology in Munchen Gnomebach. The professor’s main claim to fame seems to be deciphering the gnomes genetic code (or G-Gnome). There are short chapters on tracking gnomes, gnome habitation, diet, etc. Bits of it are just substituting the word gnome into English, in the same way I objected to in books like Gnomes of the Silver Screen but sometimes it is quite well done. Most of the book is about gnomes in various parts of England, which will be largely lost on an international audience, but there is a section on ‘foreign’ gnomes. I particularly enjoyed the bit on Native American gnomes, known as Geronignomes, a word that I find extremely difficult to pronounce for some reason. The pictures (all of which are in the style of the book cover and are presumably by the author as no other credit is given) are well done. The one things I really didn’t like was that every new chapter title took up an entire page with a scroll most of which was recycled from every other chapter title page and the same picture is at the back of the book as the front, giving the impression that the book had more content than it does but it is a decent sized book (eight and a half inches square) with around a hundred and sixty pages. There is a link to the institute of gnomology in the links section.